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Every project is different. Every client is special.

CLUTTER FIX takes the time to understand each client’s particular requirements and desired outcomes before commencing any work. Once the initial decluttering has been tackled an innovative, simple system tailored for each client is introduced in order to make organizing on a continuous basis easy and hassle-free.

Our History

Many years before starting this company, I was reorganizing the living rooms, kitchens, and closets of my friends and family.  It was challenging, satisfying, and fun...but the best part of it was the reactions I got from my "clients"!  Everyone was thrilled at the results.  Now I can make a larger "audience" happy, which makes me happy.

                                            ​Debra Viniar

Our Mission

To see a smile on your face when your home becomes your "relaxing space"...a place you want to entertain in, a place you are proud of, a place you want to go home to.

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